SRAR and Teacher Recommendation

Hello everyone,

My son has submitted an application through Apply Texas and linked his SRAR this evening. This is the first time we are applying to A&M, so not sure of the process. Could someone please help me with the following questions if possible?

  1. He attends a non ranking high school and has been in a double block sport since freshmen year. While entering course info in SRAR, he did not enter his sport for Freshman thru' Junior years since Varsity sport was the only option available and he was not in varsity other years. He has entered varsity sport for his senior year schedule. Does it matter that he didn't enter the sport for other years? I feel it should be ok since sport is not going to be included while computing the rank and it is too late now, but would like to know for my knowledge.
  2. He want to submit a teacher recommendation. I see in howdy that documents can be uploaded, but is there a way to request teacher recommendation through AIS or Howdy portal? I see an option for counselor recommendation, but not for teacher. I am not sure if teachers would be comfortable sending the rec letter to kids for them to upload by themselves. I am aware that teachers can email the rec letter, but want to see if there is an easier option for them to upload the document by themselves. I know UT has an option to request through their portal, wanted to see if A&M has something similar.

Thank you!

@Noviite For the SRAR, the goal is to enter what is on his transcript. If the earlier years’ sports was shown as PE for example, it can be entered that way in SRAR. If the sports were taken outside of school, you should have some type of documentation whether it is from the outside school or it is shown on his HS transcript. Just my opinion…

For the LOR, it appears to be the norm for students to request those letters from teachers, and then the students upload them in AIS. Actually, I think it is fair for a student to see the LOR before sending it, especially if they have a few to choose from.

Hope this helps, its our second time going through the application process and the first with SRAR.

@Noviite , one of my son’s letter of recommendation writers prefers to send hers without my son seeing it (kinda scary!). I think she is just used to the UT model where they send her an email to upload it. Somewhere on the TAMU Howdy, we found an “Office of Admissions Document ID Sheet” that we typed in his information, saved the pdf, downloaded it, and emailed it to the teacher to include when she mails his letter of recommendation. It had different addresses at the bottom for freshman, transfers, and graduate students. I can’t remember how we got to that document sheet though. I’m sorry! I will keep hunting around the Howdy and if I figure it out, I will let you know. You might call the Office of Admissions for help. It definitely looks like a great way to make sure the letter gets attached to the student’s file and not lost in some pile of papers somewhere.

@Eggscapgoats, thanks for the info! The sports was part of his school schedule and it is listed as boys athletics in his transcript till Junior year. However, he did not enter in SRAR since Varsity Sport was the only option for athletics and the others were PE/Health Ed. It is already submitted anyways so there is nothing I can do about it. Hope this doesn’t become an issue while computing his rank. His official school transcript is already on his file which has these details, not sure if they will look at it to get clarified if it is of concern.

On LOR, his teacher preferred mailing it by herself and we are used to teachers doing the same when my older son applied to UT. , so he will send the document id sheet for her to mail.

@ChillyCow, thanks for the info! I was able to get the document id sheet online and he will be sending it to her teacher so she can mail it out.

Thanks again!

@Noviite I see! Your son does have the option of contacting admissions in AIS and letting them know. At our school, early sports would show up as a PE class. Good luck!

@Eggscapgoats, thanks! I will ask him to contact AIS and let them know.

My DD and I just completed the SRAR. Before linking it to her application and submitting, I just want to be sure that the planned/ scheduled classes for 2nd semester senior year don’t get recorded somewhere on there and we missed it. I know we included that info in Apply Texas so it is covered. Thanks for your help

@SMcC07, the planned/scheduled classes for second semester should be included in SRAR and the grade should be marked as “In Progress”. This should match her current schedule and if there is a change in schedule later, she can contact AIS and let them know. Hope this helps!

Hello, my daughter linked her SRAR to TAMU on 9/26. It shows linked date, no transmitted date and Texas A&M in school line. I thought it would take a day or two but it’s been a week and her application status is still incomplete because of SRAR. Anyone experience this? Thank for your help