SRAR Community College classes (not dual enrollment)

Hi - my son is completing his SRAR for 2 different colleges and we’re getting confused about how to enter his classes that he took through his community college the last 2 summers and will be taking in his senior year. These are not dual enrollment through his high school and will NOT be on his high school transcript. UMN told him that he needs to enter his community college classes under his high school in SRAR in order for them to be considered for admission.

Our concern is that the same SRAR is reviewed by other colleges and his SRAR won’t match what is on his high school transcript, which I understand can be a problem. We’re wondering what is the proper way to report non dual enrollment community college classes in SRAR. And, how do we handle if different colleges want to see it differently. Thanks for any advice anyone can provide!

Contact each college that uses that SRAR And ask. And adjust as needed if there are differences.

Thank you for your response. My son did reach out to the 2 colleges and they definitely want the college classes to be reported in differently. The fundamental problem is if he changes it in SRAR, the updated SRAR gets sent to BOTH colleges. There doesn’t seem to be a way to customize sending one version to one college and another to the other. I’m wondering if anyone has run into this before and how to handle. Thanks!

I’m sure there’s a way. Contact SRAR. They should have a contact us button.

SRAR was contacted. Here’s their response: “Please note that each linked university will receive the SRAR updates; however, it is up to them to decide if they will collect any new information submitted.” I guess my son can reach out to one of the universities and ask them not to use the updated SRAR? My son has sent an email follow up to SRAR to see if they have a recommendation to how to submit different versions to different colleges.

I think that’s fair.

Find out who your counselor is at your school that doesn’t need the change - and send them what SRAR said and ask them not to use the update.