SRAR - need help with non-existent course

The SRAR doesn’t appear to list AP Stats as a choice under the math section.

We have the same issue with a science class.

How do we add a class that isn’t in their drop down list?

Is statistics a choice in the generic course title pull down menu? If so, choose that and then type in the exact course name from the transcript in the next field, called ‘course name’.

Same for the science class….pick the science discipline in the generic menu, then enter the exact course name is the next field.

Most schools that require SRAR have instructional videos on their websites and/or YouTube that might be helpful too.


The two choices for math are calculus and trigonometry, and Stats doesn’t fit under either.

I have a note in with SRAR support so maybe they can help.

Oh, I watched videos and read the Pitt website and, so far, have not found an answer to this question. :blush:

I would put genetics under biological sciences. But, if you did miscategorize something it will be ok as long as you put in the exact name of the class directly from the transcript.

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Just looked at my SRAR account, and there are 30 or so math course names in the “Generic Course Title Field”, including stats. It looks like this:

Also, genetics in the science section:

You are amazing!!!

Thank you!! :pray: :blush:

I was trying to do it from another screen, and choices there were limited. In the morning, I’ll see if I can get myself to the screen you showed me. If so, that should do the trick!