srry :) rewritten w/ more specified. Chance to Harvard!

<p>I'm a Junior and gonna apply to Class of 2015, and though as i know the Harvard admission is gonna depends on 'luck', i hope to you all to evaluate me honestly!</p>

<p>OK, let's get it on :)</p>

<p>asian international
go to 'exetremely competitive' public school (ranked on 2nd place along public schools. and, by our nations' educational curriculum, they don't offer any AP, IB classes, also we don't have rights to choose classes.)</p>

<p>GPA - unweighted(we don't have 'weighted' GPA.)
9th : 1.9 (lol)
10th : 3.3 (joined highschool.)
11th : 3.5
12th : 4.0 (will be)</p>

<p>aprx 50/748.</p>

<p>-> i was terrible student 'till middleschool..(i mean, 9th.) but after joined on highschool, i was back to the position what i must be.</p>

<p>SAT1 - 1480(Jan, 2009) ->2310(Jan, 2010) CR 780 Math 800 Writing 730
SAT2 - Biology - 800, Physics - 800, American history - 760</p>

<p>ECs -
Captain of School Rockband(held lots of non-profit concerts). Did 2008~2010.
Head of School Service of Community Service. Also Did 2008~2010.
School Council of Election planning manager. Did 2008~2009.
School promoting model. Did 2009.
Model occupation for part time job(to earn test fees...).
Student founded political academic group - School leader (based on uniting system of each schools on whole nation).
Youth Academic Conference(Political conference :P) - Honorable Speaker
Several debate experiences, for both chair and participant.
Korea-Japan Highschool Student Interchange Camp - representive of Korea.
Korea-Japan Student Future Forum(KJSFF) - member.</p>

<p>->focused on combination of Rockband / Diplomatics-Politics / Leadership.</p>

<p>Korea warhammer tournament 2nd place
Local flagfootball team Center/Wide receiver, team won 'a number of' national leagues in a row. the largest team in nation also.</p>

<p>Community Service, teaching low-educational aptitude childrens - 80 hours/year</p>

<p>Schools -</p>

<p>HYP, Dartmouth, Amherst, Williams (all these colleges afford full FA to low-income students, as i know)</p>

<p>Hook -</p>

<li><p>Negotiating, Politics-Dipomatics Academic Specialized leader combinated with Rocker image.</p></li>
<li><p>no APs, cuz school doesn't offer any AP classes(there are '0' students who takes AP exams ever, and currently.), and my family couldn't afford AP test fees.
parents are divorced, and i'm raised by mother, income is around 10000$/year.
so, overcomed financial and family crisis - with gradually increased academic achievements and hook #1.</p></li>

<p>lookin' forward for ur replies!!!!!</p>

<p>isn't there anyone?? it's more clarified :(</p>

<p>i'm despaired that even 23XX, 800-800-760 and preoccupied ECs finally lead to just 'state schools' because of only GPA... T_T</p>

<p>i'll be appreciated if u match me with those schools below:
UC Berkeley

<p>Am I reading that correctly as a 1.9 GPA for Freshman year?</p>

<p>I'd say given your 1.9 in freshman year no. Explain why you got that? Illness, death in family, etc.</p>

<p>lol, the 1.9s' reaction is hot!
actually there is no apt reason for it... and that's why i'm so worried of it also :(
I'd met something like 'bad friend' during it, and as stated in Post, i got my mind after 10th, joined Highschool.</p>

<p>You have a very interesting life story, and the interest in negotiating as well as the rock music is cool, but I'm concerned about the academics. </p>

<p>First of all, 0 AP classes does not look good, even though I suppose it's your school's fault and not your's.
It's cool that you've had such amazing academic improvement, but 1.8 GPA (I'm assuming you have a 4.0 scale) realllly hurts regardless.
I can't give much of an opinion on whether or not the international status will help or hurt, because every university has a different policy.</p>

<p>HYP - all high reach
Dartmouth - moderate reach
Amherst - moderate reach
Williams - moderate reach</p>

<p>I would suggest also looking at schools in the top 25 that aren't quite sooo competitive. Have you thought about WashU St Louis or UofM or the like?</p>

<p>I know Princeton doesn't regard freshman year grades. Still, your GPA is low for these schools.</p>

<p>Yeah, Princeton, Stanford and a bunch of other schools don't look at freshman year at all, so idk. Going to a competitive school will help, but the problem is that they just won't know how much you'll be able to survive in that tough of an academic curriculum. However, we all have to realize that an application is more than just your GPA, SAT's, and EC's. Use your essays to your advantage, as well as the teacher reccomendations. Show that you've hit your stride. But I simply don't understand why you would only apply to schools that are so hard to get into. You can get a solid education at a state school too.</p>