s's housing situation changed ....

<p>Long story short: great year at Northgate Lakes; bad roommate year. One lost job and can't afford to stay, one's an inconsiderate slob, last one graduated (but wanted to throw keg parties all the time and S doesn't drink). So .... looking for 1 bedroom apartment that's not arm and leg in cost. Over roommates, if possible. So far only found availability in arbour apartments that is not horrendous in rent. Any regular posters have info on these apartments. (Please, don't post negative reviews when you only have one post to your name, makes me suspicious as to who you are. <g>)</g></p>

<p>thanks, </p>

<p>zebes, who's trying to figure out if paying a bit more is better than losing my sanity if s moves back full time.. LOL Just can't take that college schedule.</p>

<p>i just had one move back full time. i don't think it's a good thing toward mine becoming independent, however we live sooo close to the rosen campus it is the most sensible thing..i guess..good grief...</p>

<p>alongwait ... oh, I feel for you... sigh. This has been perfect past 3 years. S has been on his own, and he's close enough that he pops in to do his laundry, or say, "what's for dinner," and gradually wean Mom from his continous presence. Having D in gainesville this past year was harder, as I didn't see her as often, but I survived that, too. Now, I can't imagine having him around full time and then next year as he heads to law school (hopefully) having to re-adjust to my empty nest again. Like pulling that bandaid off the wound way tooooo slowly. Plus, these Fl homes do no have basements that you can shove the young people and their loud all night noises into ... and we still have to function on a work-schedule kind of life, ya know. So ... I see the torture coming for all involved. LOL He thought he had a house with a couple of friends, best sceneario ... great kids, but the roommate that was supposed to be moving out to provide him entrance changed his mind. AAAAaargh! 'S okay, life is so daily ... :)</p>


<p>update: housing situation fixed. Yeah! He and a friend decided to get a 2/2 out of student housing. So they are at Alafaya Woods Apts in Oviedo. Weird as we started out in those apartments 17 years ago when we first moved into the area and didn't know where we wanted to be and hadn't found a house yet. Full circle .... glad they've been renovated. :)</p>