SSA email?

Has anyone received an email inviting them to complete an application for the SSA yet? The IU Scholarships fb page posted something that seemed to indicate that emails have either started going out or will start going out soon.

Do you have to be admitted first? I know my D23 applied to a different college and got an invitation for their Honors College before she even got an acceptance.

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I’m not sure. My son applied in September and was admitted in October, so I didn’t look into whether admission was required to receive the SSA email.

Yes my daughter did. She completed the general scholarship app and is now working on her SSA essay

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My son received an email tonight inviting him to apply for SSA scholarships.

do you have to wait until you hear if you are a direct admit to your specific college in order to be able to see all recommended scholarships? Looking specifically at Kelley.

I’m also curious about whether additional schools will be added once admitted. DD has submitted a petition for direct admission to Kelley and is awaiting decision.

DD’s SSA letter specifies eligibility for Hutton scholarships. Does this mean that she’s been admitted to the Hutton Honors College? There’s nothing about it in her portal.

I have the same questions. S23 was accepted pre-business 10/25 and received the SSA invite 11/2 listing only the Hutton Scholarship as a potential. Can’t seem to find anywhere if that means for sure if he will be accepted to the Hutton Honors College and if there is any potential for a Kelley Scholarship since none is listed in his SSA invite (he meets the Kelley direct admit criteria but has not received that notification yet). Will let the group know if we find out anything more about this.

Same question as everybody else regarding SSA and Kelley. SSA filled after Kelley direct admission letter received but no Kelley specific scholarship seen in the recommended list.

Anyone here who applied for Kelley Scholarship on SSA? Ours listed Kelley but not which specific scholarship being considered for. Was hoping to get a yes or a no but I can’t seem to find anything indicating anything has gone out and one person told me could be April 1.

My son did and we are still waiting too. He got Hudson H scholars and then applied through the video interview for a couple others. I heard April 1st too…

Do you mind sharing which ones require video interviews? I know he is on the list for KODI, but he has not been contacted about an interview.

Sure, I know it was Fry, Prebys, and I think Dean’s. He got an e-mail asking him to submit a video interview and these 3 were listed as the considerations. He’s a DA to Kelly and has the Hudson and Holland scholarship. He fumbled through the video interview, so I am not sure he will get any of these.

Decisions were released a couple of days ago via email.

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decisions for all three?

Don’t know if all 3.

Does anyone know if the Kelley Dean’s Council scholarship stacks on top of Hudson & Holland? The letter is a bit vague.

I’d check the finances tab in the one.iu account. People have reported being given incorrect information when they call the scholarship office. I’d hope that what’s actually on the student account would be correct.