SSAT and snapshot

I’m trying to figure out the SSAT and snapshot

Let’s say my DS take SSAT twice which is on November and December just in case. Can he take snapshot say in November but if the December score is better he uses the November snapshot but submit December score?

you can only take the snapshot once a year.

Oh I see.

Can he then release the character snapshot result but hold on to the ssat score until the second one is taken? We’ve never taken the test so can’t imagine the process. Thank you.

Yes, you can. The snapshot can be taken anytime once in the year, but SSAT can be taken multiple times at different months.
Good luck!

My kid took Snapshot twice because the SSATs were sat over an 18 month period and over 2 different academic years. We submitted the first snapshot (it had marginally preferable scores) but did not use those SSAT test scores.

When applying to BS, I wasn’t able to electronically submit the original snapshot ‘score’ because it had already been replaced by the second Snapshot in the system and the first one had technically expired. I did however keep a PDF of the first test and uploaded that into the BS portals and received messages from schools that the document was loaded into the application file.

Do schools require snapshots nowadays? Back when I applied (2018) it was optional—I’m surprised. The one I took after I enrolled (the school requested that all admits do it) certainly reflected quite poorly on me.

None of the six schools where my kid applied required it. But I sent it to someone who was advising us on the BS application process and she said that it our kid’s result was impressive and we should absolutely send it.
Bizarrely, the second SnapShot that kid took (8 months after the first) wasn’t nearly so impressive, which is why we didn’t submit that one. It’s odd that the results were so different for the same kid.

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I would ask Admissions if they actually want it (I know Adm. websites often refer to it). I don’t think many schools take it seriously, it was experimental when launched and is viewed as being easily manipulated.

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what’s snapshot?