SSAt Nerves

<p>Hypotheticlly if i took the test and missed 3 of the 60 or so math questions, 12 out of the 60 english questions, and 5 outta the reading comprehension questions, what will my projected percentiles be</p>

<p>i'm not sure, but I'll try comparing it with my own scores and give you a guess. a guess, but that's all it is. also, the percentile will differ according to the grade you're in. everyone takes the same test but the percentile is judged according to how well you do compared to the other people in your grade, so it'll also differ according to how smart people in your grade who also take the test happen to be.</p>

<p>math: 99th, 98th percentile? i answered one of the questions wrong and got 99, so 3 questions probably won't be that different...i think. NOT SUREEE.</p>

<p>english (verbal): i got 18 wrong and got a percentile of 86, so getting 12 wrong will get you around an errr.....90-ish???? i dunno :P</p>

<p>reading comprehension: i got 6 wrong and it was a 94, so getting 5 wrong would probably get you like a 95 or 96 or something.</p>

<p>overall: hmmm. this would do better than me in reading and verbal but worse in math, so...err...I got a 97th percentile, so I'm guessing that this would get you like somewhere around 97 or so. I think.</p>

<p>i'm really sorry that i'm being really vague. I don't know anywhere that'll give you an exact amount, so there are all just guesses. I'm not really being much of a help, am I...?</p>

<p>but don't worry, the ssats matter but not that much. the interview and extra curriculars you do, your essay, and so on are HUGE. the ssats are only a number, so they won't count is as much. according to a friend, someone she knew got a 37 or something overall percentile and got into choate anyway because of all the sports she played, so don't worry so much about the ssats. just make sure you don't bomb the interviews or anything. A friend got a 98th percentile on the SSATs and got rejected by choate, so you can really tell that the SSATs are probably really really minor.</p>

<p>When I took my interview, I could tell that the interview just felt good at two of the schools I applied to, and what a surprise, I got into both of them. the other school I applied to was an okay sort of interview, and I got waitlisted there. </p>

<p>So yeah, the SSATs=not that big. :D</p>

<p>thanks alot im applying late to choate hotchkiss and taft</p>

<p>a bit re assuring</p>

<p>what grade will you apply for. and are you applying late or for the 2009-2010 year?</p>

<p>This is my score report:</p>

<p>Your SSAT Scores</p>

<p>Upper Level Score Range : 500-800</p>

<p>Verbal Score 722
(Personal Score Range: 701 - 743, SSAT Percentile 78%)</p>

<p>Math Score 686
(Personal Score Range: 665 - 707, SSAT Percentile 35%)</p>

<p>Reading Score 686
(Personal Score Range: 665 - 707, SSAT Percentile 70%)</p>

<p>Total Score 2094
(Personal Score Range: NA, SSAT Percentile 64%)</p>


<p>Questions testing your knowledge of words (synonyms) and
your ability to relate ideas (analogies).</p>

<p>Synonyms: Right 21 Wrong 6 Omitted 3
Analogies: Right 19 Wrong 4 Omitted 7</p>


<p>Questions testing your knowledge of number properties and
relationships, basic computation, elementary concepts of
equivalencies, geometry, measurement, and interpretation
of charts/graphs.</p>

<p>Number Concepts
& Operations: Right 20 Wrong 3 Omitted 2
Algebra, Geometry
& Other Math: Right 11 Wrong 9 Omitted 5</p>


<p>Questions regarding the main idea and supporting details
of a passage or requiring higher order skills, such as
deriving the meaning of words from context, extracting the
meaning of a passage, or interpreting an author's logic,
attitude and tone.</p>

<p>Main Idea: Right 14 Wrong 2 Omitted 0
Higher Order: Right 14 Wrong 7 Omitted 3</p>

<p>I have always been told when you take the SSATs, you are competing only against the people who are also taking the SSAT on that particular test date. So, for some people, if you take the test twice, you may score differently based on the pool of test takers. I could be wrong about that, but I could swear I read that in the tips section of a practice test packet we ordered before she took the test the second time.</p>

<p>hpflrent, the SSAT is scored based on the scores from the last 3 years.</p>

<p>hpflrent - Changes in scores are due to different tests. My recollection is that results are measured against results for the past three years.</p>