SSAT question

I have a 2298 in SSAT. It translates to the 97th percentile under the 8th grade curve. What is the percentile for my score under the 9th grade curve? How many percentile points do you lose?

That’s around a 95%ile for the 9th grade curve. You lose a few percentiles between the year groups, but not enough for it to be of any consequence. You have a very good score for the 9th grade group, don’t worry.

All I know is that a 2178 under the 8th grade curve is an 86, but a 79 under 9th.

That sounds rough

yea, the lower the score the bigger the difference i think

Just remember:

  1. Most schools look more at a current score than last years. Pre-Covid they even required it.
  2. While it’s nice to have a great score, there are plenty of applicants with super high scores that get rejected/waitlisted from GLADCHEMMS schools. There are also applicants with scores that are below the 90th percentile that get into GLADCHEMMS schools. Not all of them are legacies or athletic recruits.
  3. Essays and interviews are just as important - some would argue even more important.

Don’t focus on the SSAT. After a certain point, the SSAT is just a check mark that you’re not really obviously academically deficient, and no more.

Focus on keeping your grades up and taking challenging courses at your school.

You have no ECs. Develop 1. It can be usual or unusual. Unusual might give you more to write/talk about, but it’s more important that you be able to show that you are sincere. So, if you suddenly take up bagpipes and ballet, but are tone deaf, 2 left feet, and only do it to have something novel on your application, the AOs will sense that.

You do not have to develop an EC through school.

Find something you like and do more of it - and find a way to include others.


^^^this x100

I was waitlisted by a chunk of GLADCHEMMS schools with a 79th percentile. They would not waitlist me if I could not do the work.