SSAT score reporting?

<p>If I want to see my scores before they release them to schools, can I do that? Like add all the score recipients after i recieve my scores?
Also - if I recieved a handwritten letter from Deerfield and Blair Academy is that good? I know many more people apply to Deerfield so I didn't know if they write everyone a letter after the interview?
Just wondering. thanks!</p>

<p>For your first question - you can definitely add recipients after taking the SSAT. I didn't do that, just because I knew that my parents wouldn't let me take it twice, no matter how badly I did. If you're nervous about how you will score, then select the schools to have the scores forwarded to afterwards.</p>

<p>Funnily enough, I am applying to both Deerfield and Blair. After my interviews, I received hand-written notes from both. This is very standard. These notes aren't a promise of acceptance, nor are they a "sign" that the interviewer is already considering you as a shoo-in. It is simply a nice gesture which I suggest you return, either by email or preferably a hand-written note. Good luck with your applications!</p>