SSAT Verbal Section Prep Books

I currently still have two months before my SSAT, what books, vocabulary lists, or resources should I use? Before preparations, I took a mock test and only got 2 synonym questions right, and 2 analogies right. My goal is to get a 99% in the verbal section. What resources did you use to do well in SSAT?

Currently, I have the Barron’s SSAT book, the Kaplan’s SSAT book, and I am going to get Ivy global’s English and 3 Vocabulary books, as well as the Princeton Review’s SSAT book. I plan to memorize all of the vocabulary on these books. Is there any other resources that I should use?

FYI: I have great memory, I just don’t where to find all of the vocabulary words that I will need to know.

Thank you!

Hello? Can anyone help me?