SSATS good enough?

<p>So I got my seat scores back from december about 2 weeks ago and I score an 84th percentile overall. Heres the breakdown. </p>

<p>Verbal: 85%
Math/Quantitive: 89%
Reading: 78% </p>

<p>I am in 9th grade applying to Deerfield, Lawrencville, and Berkshire. Are these good enough or should I retake in Jan.</p>

<p>An 84 won’t hurt your chances of getting in, but it won’t boost them very much, either, at least for Lawrenceville and Deerfield.<br>
Not sure about Berkshire, don’t know much about that school.</p>

<p>Berkshire’s average ssat score is around a 65, so you are probably still very solidly in the running for Berkshire.</p>

<p>Yeah, 84 on the dot for Lawrenceville, Deerfield’s average is 87 so you’re just under but it’s not like that would get you thrown out…</p>

<p>Also depends on extracurriculars, like really good athletes can get in on a lower score</p>

<p>Like mrnephew said, your score won’t hurt you, but neither will it help you. The breakdown will be your grades, essays, and EC’s. You’re a very strong candidate for Berkshire though!</p>