SSNumber concerns

<p>So we've completed the CSS Profile as well as the FAFSA, and the only "to do" remaing for our daughters schools is sending in our 2011 tax return. My husband is very concerned with the security of providing our social sercurity numbers to the colleges. He dosen't like sending his number either electronically or through the mail if not absolutely neccesary. He's also concerned with how the colleges store and protect that information. As far as I understand if we want financial aid we have no option but to send the tax return intact? He was thinking of sending all the info, but with SSN blacked out? Any advice would be appreciated...</p>

<p>I believe you must provide the SSN for your financial information to be verified.</p>

<p>Ultimately, if you want aid, you are going to have to provide your child's SSN, because that is part of the payment and tax system, just as if you were being paid by an employer.</p>

<p>You absolutely can black out the SSN's on the return. Realize, though, that you have already provided all parent & student SSN's on the FAFSA and Profile.</p>