SSS-Disappearing Parent B?

Hi everyone!
Almost done with my apps however I’ve run into a problem on the SSS and I really want some advice
My parents uploaded the Parent A tax return for 2019,yesterday night(2019 is all we have right now). At that time there was still a spot to upload the Parent B tax return(1040). Once we uploaded the Parent A return, the link to upload the Parent B tax return was gone.
The deadline for a couple of my schools for FA is January 15 so I need to solve this sooner rather than later. My theory is that maybe once the Parent A tax return is verified then the Parent B tax return spot will reappear so I can then proceed as normal. If it doesn’t appear than I’ll just have to combine the two together as a Parent A tax return and inform the schools.
The problem is that I can’t replace or combine anything till the document is verified which will take up to 3 days:January 14.
That’s one day shy and a little too close for comfort.
If anyone has experienced this before then please let me know.
Thank you in advance!!!

You should request an escalation when you speak with sss on the phone. They will expedite it. Sss does have some weird system issues that I couldn’t upload 1099. It keeps disappearing. After I call them a few times, they end up advising me to put n/a under 1099, and then upload the 1099 under additional documents.

Thanks @parentken!
I didn’t know there was an additional documents section but I see it now. I’ll probably just have to upload it there.
Your reply was very helpful!