SSTP @ Univ. of Iowa 2021 Applicants Thread

Has anyone else gotten their decisions and/or a faculty mentor match? Also, if you got in, pm me and I’ll add you to a discord for SSTP acceptees!

Got selected as an alternate. Hopefully I can get a spot eventually

Best of luck! Do you want to pm me your discord? I’d love to connect!

I got selected as an alternate as well. When will the alternate results be released?

accepted kids have to reply in the next few weeks. probably some time after then. Also pm me you discord if you’d like to be added to the discord!

Could you share your discord name?

Any one off waiting list by now? My D is an alternative and wonders the chance to get off the waiting list? Any recommendation that is still available to apply for summer research program at this time? Thanks!

I can’t attest for the others, but I haven’t gotten any notice yet. Hopefully good news comes soon

Thanks ! Same wish here.Good luck!

I am an alternate too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Same here, alternate. Have not heard anything yet

Anyone off the waitlist yet?

My son is also an alternate and has not heard anything.

im an admit and havent heard anything from sstp since being admitted. or my prof ever

in your offer letter, when is the deadline to accept or reject the offer?

like 3 weeks ago


It sounds like they never sent a rejection. All those who did not get accepted are on waitlist.

No. This is patently false. I personally know many people who got rejected. It is survivorship bias - why would rejects follow this thread still and broadcast to all of CC that they got rejected? It is a highly selective program and you should be proud of becoming an alternate.

makes sense…