<p>Does attending the Student Science Training Program (SSTP) at UF over the summer guarantee chances of getting? Or at least increase them?</p>

<p>I guess it’d increase chances since it can be like an extracurricular or higher-education preparation program of sorts, but I highly doubt it’s a guarantee (it’s not going to be a guarantee or SUBSTANTIAL increase just because it’s “at UF”).</p>

<p>There is no easy way to get into UF, that’s the reality of it. There is no way to say “man you’re guaranteed” because plenty of students who seem to be “guaranteed” are rejected…then plenty of students who people would argue are “okay” or “mediocre” get in. I know there’s the joke that every UF admit got into FSU, but look, I KNOW people who’ve gotten into UF but not FSU. It happens, actually only know a very very very very very small number of people where that’s the case, but it happens.</p>