SSU Fall 2018 Transfer Thread

Thought I would start a thread for Fall 2018 transfer hopefuls

My stats are:
Major: Criminal Justice
GPA: 3.35
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: Completed the ones offered at my school
Golden 4: Yes by end of spring
Local: No, East Bay Area

Good luck to everyone who’s applied!

Major: Business Administration - Accounting
GPA: 3.59 on app, now a 3.63 (not including ADT boost)
AA-T/As-T: yes, will finish in spring
pre-reqs: 2 remaining (macroecon, managerial accounting)
Golden 4: done - A, A, A, C (english)
Local: no, from Riverside

also applied to LB, Pomona, San Bernardino. I’ll go if LB and CPP reject me

Major : Computer Science
GPA: 3.46 (A little lower I think- 3.46 is my UC GPA but I got a B in one class that was only CSU transferrable)
Pre-Reqs: All Completed by Spring
Golden 4: Done - A, A, A, B (int English too)

Also Applied To: UCSC (My first choice!!), UCI (TAG for Informatics), UCSD, CSULB (which I know I’ll get denied to because I dropped a pre-req class this semester) Oh well :confused:

I think so far we all have pretty good chances of getting in tbh

just checked my portal, I got accepted! I received an acceptance from my top choice CSULB yesterday so I wont be attending. :slight_smile:

@feartheroar I haven’t heard from SSU yet, but I also got accepted to CSULB and will probably be attending too! :slight_smile:

I got accepted yesterday too!! :slight_smile:

I got accepted today! :slight_smile: