St. Bonaventure, Jandoli School of Journalism

Quick question, so my brother in-law was a staff writer for the Denver Post and NY Times. He went to Columbia. His suggestion for my son is SBU, citing according to him more journalism awards for students and graduates in print and broadcast than any other school he can think of, in terms of size naturally. One issue it has a 400 hour internship requirement for graduation.

The location is bad but the projected merit is basically the whole nut and the school has very nice students and lots of spirit. I am familiar with its very good accounting program.

Any thoughts?

I just saw your other thread on the merit award. Congrats to your son! I graduated from SBU with a degree in psychology in 1996. I loved every minute of my time there. I think the location has more benefits that people used to cities realize. I felt like it was much easier to really be a part of the campus and get to know people at such a small school in a more rural setting. There is a lot of school spirit at SBU. I don’t know as much about the journalism requirements specifically as I was psych and my husband accounting. I did have friends in mass communications and they had great experiences as well. We stopped by for a spur of the moment visit a year ago or so and talked to a couple of professors. They took a lot of time out of their day to visit with us and give us tours of their buildings and tell us about professors who have gone since we left (journalism and business) and they were not even professors who knew us. They started a year or so after we graduated. We did stop by the office of a professor my husband had had and she remembered him. As I said, we graduated almost 20 years ago. I don’t think you can find that kind of warmth and kindness at a whole lot of places.
Have your son look at te residence areas too. I didn’t know residence had changed to required (unless that is only for scholarship?) but they have built some really nice apartments for upperclassmen. If groups are still living off campus, their housing won’t nearly be as nice as those apartments. Additionally, it’s a very easy walk to off campus houses to visit friends (or for parties). One of the big benefits is that there is really no need for anyone to try to drive back to campus in that area after parties/bars since its walkable. Granted some might be a bit of a longer walk but it’s not impossible.

@mom2twogirls Thanks for the reply. We found the campus very nice and friendly. The new buildings are fantastic. It is high on the list.