St John/s suitcase school?

My DS was accepted with a very generous merit scholarship. We self-toured the campus last weekend and we liked it very much. I am worried that the school is still a commuter school, even with the dorms (which looked very nice). Any info on whether the campus is empty on weekends or if students stay and there is a lot of things to do on campus?

Hi, my daughter is a junior there and lives on campus. The school is definitely not s commuter school. Although there are commuters as it is in an easily accessible location, my daughter is busy with activities and her sorority year round. She is social and absolutely loves SJU! Sports events are also a huge part of the school scene, especially the basketball games, baseball and lacrosse. A lot of school spirit and tons of fun events. She has also made a group of great friends and is doing very well with her studies. Best of luck!