St. John's College vs. Sarah Lawrence vs. Bard Vs. Emerson vs. The New School Vs. Goucher

This is my first time posting on this site, so i'm sorry if i'm doing this wrong, but I would love to hear your opinions on these colleges and my chances of getting in. Additionally, It would be great if you had any other college suggestions similar to the ones listed. I understand that I don't have a killer GPA, but I'm not trying to get into any ivies either. I'm planning on applying to Bard, Emerson, and SL as reach schools. </p>

<p>-I'm a HS jr. interested in studying writing. I want to be a screenwriter for television, but I would prefer not to major in screenwriting.
-I will have about a 3.2 unweighted GPA by the end of this year.
-I took 1 AP and 1 Honors class freshman year; 1 AP and 2 honors sophomore, and no AP/honors jr year, but a double period college credit video production class
-I'm planning on taking 2 APs, 1 honor, and another double period college credit class SR year
-I would prefer a college with a very liberal setting and a great writing program.</p>

<p>Any input would be great, thanks!</p>

<p>Hi Seattleteen,</p>

<p>St. John’s students are very much self-selected. My high school sweetheart went here, I work in the administrative offices, and I start grad school here in the fall. SJC accepts about 75% of applicants. Because the program is so rigorous and unique, you really have to know it’s a fit. As long as you demonstrate that you’re serious about academics, have a record of good participation in class, and write well and thoughtfully, you’ll probably get in. Once you get here? That’s another story! There is no other college like SJC, and it has been known to chew up and spit out those students who do not try hard. You’ll be doing math, science, Ancient Greek, music, etc… A lot of courses that aren’t directly applicable to screenwriting. That being said, there are writing components in each and every class. You can’t graduate from SJC without mastering the craft, so you would be very well-prepared for your intended career path. Plus, Santa Fe has an avid art and film community. You could easily network for an internship (which would be paid for by SJC!) and future career opportunities. The Graduate Institute just started a film school, so there would be lots of lectures and showings you’d appreciate.</p>

<p>I applied to Eugene Lang College of the New School University, by the way, and was much less impressed with their program, because the academics are not as rigorous and the students weren’t as bright or passionate in my opinion. One of my best friends from high school went to Sarah Lawrence, and I think they’ll be the toughest to get into, but as the most selective, you’d probably be surrounded with very intelligent and driven people. </p>

<p>My alma matter, The College of Wooster, is one more to consider. They have a film studies minor, and you’d probably major in English. Their senior capstone project is second only to Princeton’s. You would get to spend your senior year designing your own “class of one,” for which I’m sure you’d write a full-length screenplay! It’s like a master’s dissertation at the undergraduate level. Very long, arduous, and complete with an oral defense, but VERY rewarding, and highly respected. </p>

<p>I’m happy to answer any further questions. Sorry I couldn’t weigh in on all your options. Thanks!</p>