ST. JOHN'S, NYU,FSU or any other schools

Hi Guys! Im from florida and have started looking at colleges ive finished my applications and what not but am having a hard time deciding where to apply and if it’s worth it. My UW GPA is a 3.5 and weighted is 4.5 my SAT is a 1340. I would really like to go to nyc and my options there are ST john’, NYU or Ford ham. I would really love NYU yet they’re a bit expensive so not sure how realistic that is, also really love st johns but not sure if it’d be liberal enough for me(being lgbt) and the school being catholic. My safe school is FSU and wouldn’t be opposed to smaller schools in other liberal cities like Boston or san Francisco but goal would be NYC. Right now im leaning towards SJU yet unsure of how liberal it would be, the college experience since i hear its largely commuter school and cost. Any input on any of the schools experiecne or anything really would be appreciated thanks!

What’s your budget?

It’s pretty flexiable id lke scholarships and to not have to pay much and what not but my parents and i aren’t as hung up on price. But the cheaper the better haha

you can always go to New York after you graduate. NYU is certainly the best school out of the three… At ST. John you should have a problem from the people ive seen on youtube that vlog they seem very nice…

SJU has a larger residential population than it used to. However, I personally don’t feel that it is worth it UNLESS you are enrolling in one of the programs for which it is known such as actuarial science or pharmacy. A friend of my sons’ went there and commuted - his parents said they would get him a car and pay it off while he was in school if he did that. He graduated from the actuarial program last year and is working at a job he had lined up before school ended. The neighborhood is a nice, safe residential area on one side (near the current president’s childhood home) but not too far away it can be very bad. Getting into Manhattan isn’t too tough - there’s an express bus or you can take a city bus to the subway.

Fordham is also not worth it in my opinion nor is NYU unless you are in the business school. I know plenty of kids who are or have been in Tisch and very few are actually working in the field. Stern, OTOH, is the real deal.

Also, if you not used to NY winters, you may have a culture shock.

Regarding the number of kids from Tisch who work in the field, according to Playbill, NYU is the most represented on Broadway and there were quite a few graduates who won Tonys and Emmys this year.;