St. John's pharmacy acceptances

<p>applied to st. john's with 1990 and 2000 SAT scores. gpa- 95.9. i used the academic achievement application, which means they send you your decision within two weeks. </p>

<p>can everyone else who applied to the pharm program post their stats and their admissions status (accepted, rejected, or no answer yet)? i'm sooo nervous!
also, please list any scholarship amounts you've recieved!!! thanks!!</p>

<p>hi, i applied to st. john’s 6 year pharmd using the academic achievement application as well, and i’m still waiting on hearing back.</p>

<p>i had a 2010 sat score, and a 2060 super score.</p>

<p>i’m getting nervous too!!! /:</p>

<p>I also used the Academic Achievement Application with a 2030 SAT score and 94.57 unweighted GPA. I’m sure we’ll all be fine, though. XD</p>

<p>Do you know when we’re supposed to get notified, though? I can’t seem to find anything about it. (But I did see that not many people get really high scholarship amounts compared to the overall tuition, which makes me a little worried.)</p>

<p>The deadline for notification (if you applied before the priority deadline) is jan 15th.
i’m more worried that i won’t get enough scholarship than i am about getting in. lol. i need atleast half of the tuition off!</p>

<p>I applied about a week before the Dec. 1 deadline, so I was expecting an admission decision around mid-January. HOWEVER, I received a letter in the mail saying I was missing some stuff in my application, so when I emailed them asking what I was missing, they said nevermind, and that my application was complete. They added that my application will be considered for the regular decision pool and will be reviewed for the February 1 pharmacy program deadline.</p>

<p>sigh…I guess i won’t be hearing back until around march then… ):</p>

<p>Accepted into St. John’s today with a $9,000 scholarship! ^^</p>

<p>wow good job Righthandinleft! do you know how to calculate your 94.57 unweighted GPA into a 4.0 scale though?</p>

<p>FINALLY got into St. johns, with a 9,000 scholarship!!! though its still pretty pricey…</p>

<p>I got in with $8,000. I feel like they are so stingy when it come to the pharmacy students</p>

<p>Accepted with $10,000. 2100 on SAT and around 3.5 UW GPA.
Does anyone know if we have to send in mid-year grades?</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure they just want the end of the year grades…</p>

<p>did anyone apply for regular admissions to st. john’s pharmd program?</p>

<p>i applied mid november with 1960 sats score and 3.7 UW gpa but i still havent heard back from them yet… should i be worried?</p>

<p>Accepted RD w/ 13k scholarship. 2100+ SAT, 3.65W GPA.</p>

<p>Just wondering how you guys found out about your admissions. Did they send you an email or did you call? Thanks.</p>

<p>the mail you an acceptance letter</p>

<p>do you think i’ll be accepted with a 93 GPA UW and hopefully 1950+ on the SATs? (right now i have a 1800, but i have yet to be tutored and take a class)</p>

<p>yes, i think with those stats, you’re good to go</p>

<p>gosh… i didnt get my letter yet and i applied early…
1990 on sats and 3.4 u.w…
my EC is pretty good… at least i think so.
congratz to those who got in!
hope to see u guys there :)</p>

<p>Still waiting :(</p>