St. John's University Admission decisions Class of 2023

Daughter accepted today by an email no change on the portal. Complete application submitted October 17th. Good luck everyone!

Major: Biology
SAT: 1500
ACT: 34
National Honor Society
Chinese Honor Society
Tri M Honor Society
many AP classes

My daughter applied 10/31. Hoping to hear soon! :slight_smile: Congrats

@1happypappy did she find out about merit scholarships at the same time ?

@kfed1971 No…email said: You will receive your official welcome package by mail in the coming weeks, complete with your letter of acceptance, scholarship information, and details regarding your major.

@1happypappy thank you. Hoping my daughter starts to hear back form school next week :slight_smile:

S19 received his acceptance email today as well.

I got accepted via email today with no change on the portal as well. I submitted my application on October 21st.

My daughters application wasn’t Colette until Nov 7. I except she’ll hear soon. Not sure how they release decisions.

To those accepted, when were your supporting documents received? I submitted my application on October 27, but my guidance counselor didn’t submit some optional documents until November 27

All our docs were in on Oct 17th

Does anyone know if they send their acceptances in waves or all at once?
Applied Oct 29 and haven’t heard anything yet.

I haven’t heard anything either, but All my documents were in by November 20th, but they said we’d hear something on or around January 1st

@dddemirel have you heard back yet ?

I was supposed to receive a decision by 1st Jan, I still havent heard back yet

@Ofalana Nothing yet. Knowing others got in for EA makes me confused on how they send out decisions. haha.

still nothing

@Ofalana @dddemirel received any decision yet?


Got my decision this morning! Accepted! @Ofalana You hear anything?

Through email or mail ?