St. John's University Merit Scholarship

I just submitted my application to St. John’s and I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about their merit scholarships. Is the scholarship just for your first year or does it count for all four years? Additionally, I applied with a 4.19W/3.6UW, a 1330 SAT and a 27 ACT. Could anyone estimate what I might receive? Any help is appreciated.

I am not entirely positive about how their merit scholarships work, it should be on their website. But if you are graduating from a Catholic high school you will get $3,000 every year if I am remembering correctly.
Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

The odd thing about about your scores is that they are almost identical to our daughters. 4.18 GPA 1320 SAT 26 ACT … The Merit Scholarships are listed somewhere on their website, for the most part, they use a grid system you can simply find where you GPA and ACT/SATS intersect and what they offer will be close to that. Unless you are either in a major where their is a lot of competition (in which case might be less) OR you have a set of skills that might set you apart, in which case it might be more. God Luck! I do know that for Early Action the deadline is Dec 1, she put in on 10/25, and that Early Action will get an answer by 1 Jan (on or around)

I read on another page that a acceptance letter was received by a student. Has anyone here gotten one yet?

My D19 got an email today being accepted. No mention of merit in email.

No letter but my daughter did get an email that said: You will receive your official welcome package by mail in the coming weeks, complete with your letter of acceptance, scholarship information, and details regarding your major.

My son got his acceptance email today but nothing about merit.

In the Congrats Acceptance Email Acceptance it says ““You will receive your official welcome package by mail in the coming weeks, complete with your letter of acceptance, scholarship information, and details regarding your major.””

My daughter got her acceptance email Friday, like several people mentioned above. She got her letter/packet today,and the letter did have scholarship information.

Congrats @kmonsour … When did she apply? Whats were her stats? Was the scholarship generous ( sorry i m curious ! LOL )

Received a letter in the mail today with Presidential Scholarship!! So happy for my daughter because she really earned it!

@1happypappy thats great! Congrats. Is that the highest level in their grid they have online? My daughter has the GPA for the top but the SAT for the second level so we are anxious to see what she ends up with.

@kfed1971 The grid is minimum for your range…Not sure what goes into the decision but we are very happy…the Presidential Scholarship is their highest level…good luck to your daughter!

32 act, 1460 sat, 3.91 unw, 4.13 w, school doesn’t rank, 11 AP classes, managing editor of school web news site, journalism major.
She got the Presidential, which is full tuition.

Thank you @1happypappy. Abby got the acceptance email today.

My D19 yesterday got her merit letter. She received full tuition. (She was mad that they didn’t give her a sticker)

34 ACT, 4.2w GPA, tons of AP classes.

Going into Science/Pre-med

Not thrilled at the high cost of R&B.

We will be weighing all options this Spring.

Got package today, Inside was offer of 28K per year. In my wildest dreams 4 years ago would i believe that would’ve happened. Its a great thrill.

Those are my thoughts exactly (on high cost of R&B). Some schools have departmental and other scholarships that form a “package”. We’re trying to find out if there are other departments/school/etc scholarships available.

My D19 got her merit letter.

She received $31K.

30 ACT
3.7w GPA
Major: Computer Science