St. John's Value/ Law School applicability

Hi there!
St. John’s seems to have everything I want in an education. However, the price tag is big, I haven’t been able to find much info about acceptance into top-tier law schools, and in my opinion the degree is limiting. Here are my main questions:

  1. I've read some places that the financial aid is only need-based, is this true?
  2. On that note, will I be able to receive need-based aid even if I report the income of a non-involved parent?
  3. Realistically, how much of the tuition/room and board does Financial aid cover?
  4. I enjoy reading, and discussion based classes, but feel I might have a hard time keeping up with the reading load. I would say I'm an average speed reader, but for me to come up with truly insightful takes on literature it takes a bit longer.
  5. I want to go into politics, but since that can be tricky, my main plan is law school. I want to go to a top ten law school after I graduate, but am worried that I will not be competitive and that St. John's will not prepare me for the requirements or rigor of such a law school.
  6. Does a St. John's education hold much value as far as return in investment? As in, for the amount of money put in, will it get me where I want to go and eventually return my money?
  7. If I decide not to go to law school, am I totally screwed with a Liberal Arts degree?
  8. I like the city of Annapolis, but mostly the Annapolis appeal factor for me is its proximity to Washington, D.C. Does this actually come in handy for internships and networking?
  9. Aside from the Naval Academy and St. John's, are there many young people in Annapolis? As in, will I be able to comfortably make friends off campus?
  10. Is the school personal in its approach to financial aid? Will they take personal/family situations into account with financial aid?
  11. Is it easy to move off campus? Is that a more economic decision?

If anyone can answer even one of these questions, thank you in advance!