St joseph's university

Really liked St Joe’s. However, daughter is not very religious and is also gay. Any feedback? The only Catholic schools we’re looking at are Fordham and St Joe’s figuring they are more liberal. She is a very strong student. St. Joe’s says it has a lgbtq club that is large.

Although we are Catholic, I dont think that not being religious will be a dig deal. I also know that thry have a lot of LGBTQ activities/clubs.

Did your daughter decide to apply? My daughter is not very religious either, and she still loved the school. We are waiting on decisions!

Yes, she did apply! Early action… we are waiting to hear as well. She also applied to Rutgers, Fordham (Bronx campus), U of Vermont (accepted) and Binghamton (accepted). Good luck!

My D is not very religious (although raised Catholic) and attends a Jesuit school (LMU) and loves it. There is religious presence, for those who want it, but not religious pressure at all, and the service/whole person philosophy really fits with her and has made her experience amazing. I also have read many times that Jesuit schools will be on the liberal end of religious schools, and agree this has been our experience. It is a part of the Jesuit culture to be accepting to all.

My son was accepted today to SJU.

@marycate. Don’t worry; although I am Catholic, one has to be neither religious nor straight to attend and love SJU. I am an alumna; my daughter is currently a freshman, and loves it there. She leans right of center politically; however, other than her roommate, suite mates, and teammates, one of her best friends on campus is a gay boy. There is truly something for everyone there. I’d describe the campus vibe as welcoming (rather than either conservative or liberal), no matter who you are. Good luck to your daughter!! ?