St. Josephs University

Hi, was wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to what type of merit money SJU offers. My son will be applying this fall. Also, any information overall about the school. We did visit last year and will be returning this month. Is the school a commuter school, and if not do a lot of kids stay around on the weekends? Thank you!

Dont have too much to add other that we visited and like it. The Jesuit aspect is nice. I didn’t love the are too much. I have a friend who lives here in the Bronx and her son is starting there this fall and he loved it. Good Luck to you!

My son is a freshman at SJU - we are from the west coast. So, needless to say he is not coming home on weekends! We know another young woman also from our city who is there. His roommate is from Georgia , kids on his floor are from upstate NY, Washington DC, North (or was it South?) Carolina, Rhode Island, several from Puerto Rico, a number of kids on sports teams (son is an athlete) are from Europe, Australia, etc. and some who are more local. So it is a mix. He did think it was rather quiet labor day weekend but a lot of kids who hadn’t gone home went to the big weekend music festival, Made in America, so it was pretty quiet on campus. This past weekend was more lively.
Merit money - there are a lot of scholarships. Son was lucky enough to get a Dean’s Scholarship - which is full tuition. Look at the scholarship page - they have a number of scholarships for women in science, and others that one could qualify for. All students are considered for merit money, but some, like Dean’s, required additional essays, interviews, etc.

It is a beautiful campus, students seem friendly and welcoming. Class work has been interesting and challenging but not over the top difficult. There are quite a few events one could go to. Condoleezza Rice is speaking this week on campus. They ran a bus to a Philly’s game last weekend, they have had an outdoor movie and a concert (not someone son wanted to see but some may have wanted to?). Son has gone off campus a couple of times with friends to eat, etc.