St Lawrence Legacy - Chance Me

Hi! I’m RDing to SLU if I don’t get into my first choice (ED) and was wondering how my stats look.
The bad first:
My GPA is profoundly low, in my personal opinion. A lot of this is due to my school’s weighting, but it could be much better. It’s a 3.26, which is really, really, really upsetting. Granted, a lot of this is because of my sophomore year GPA where I got 3 Cs. My guidance counsellor is commenting on my mental/family situation in this time in the middle of her recommendation, which helps. Junior year I thrust AP Chem upon myself and escaped with a C+. Same with Precalc. So that’s the bad stuff.

The good?
SAT Superscore is 1420 with 770 E 650 M
AP Scores for English and Human Geo are 5 and 4 (respectively)
My classes are challenging. I’ve taken AP Human Geo, AP English Lang, AP English Lit, AP Econ, and APES. Also Honors History soph and junior year, Honors Bio, Honors Chem (soph year), Honors English F/S year, and Honors German every year- I am also a level ahead for language, making me the ONLY German 5 student in my entire school district. My electives are also challenging choices, my only ‘easy’ one being a cooking class freshman year. Along this I have business law, astronomy, music theory, psychology, and roots of intolerance (a genocide education class.)
For activities, I have my own outing club that I started this year that has 60+ members and has visited the Catskills and Appalachians. I’m also a varsity lacrosse defender, a German Club president, World Language Honors Society member, Model UN member, SHIP member, and have soccer on my record for sophomore and freshman year. Alongside these activities, I also included an anti-bullying company that I interned and then worked for for three years. I took my German II course over the summer through an online program, and then, recently, I took a six week class at New York University for screenwriting.

My portfolio is extensive, with a completed pilot episode, a spec script, two movie scripts, multiple sketch scripts, and a few short stories. On top of this, I’m expecting to finish a short film (running time about half an hour) next weekend which will be filmed in Manhattan.

My recommendations are great: I have 2 from teachers- My AP Human Geo/AP Human Geo teacher and my German teacher of 3 years. For “other” I have one from my professor at NYU and another from my employer at the anti-bullying corporation.

For legacy, both of my parents went there, as well as my stepmom, three uncles, my aunt, and my cousin. I recently interviewed and it went SUPER well, and I’m planning on keeping in touch with my admissions counsellor. My only obstacle, really, is that another girl (who I strongly dislike) is also applying to SLU RD and has a much higher GPA than me (3.9+) Do you think they’ll only take one of us?
A Concerned Student

I think you have an excellent shot at admission. I don’t know what effect the other person would have, if any, on your admission, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

I think you are in. Your SAT is great as are your ECs. You’ve taken tough classes - you’re fine. SLU needs/wants active students for their remote location. Your outing club is a perfect fit for the north country.

My son was accepted there last year but chose to go elsewhere. I absolutely loved the campus on our tour. I thought it was perfect college campus. I loved how you could walk into Canton’s little town and how it is a flat campus.

My only advice is to demonstrate interest.

As a legacy you have a strong chance of admission. Make sure you tell your story and I am confident the admissions team will be kind.