St Lawrence University ED/RD 2022

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Our D applied ED, hoping to hear by Thanksgiving.

D accepted! 3.7 UWGPA, athlete, AP Scholar. Great financial package. She is over the moon.

Congrats! D applied RD so we have a long wait ahead.

D wants to start tomorrow :wink:
Good luck to your D taverngirl.

I applied RD for computer science, good luck everyone!!

hey guys I’m applying to St. Lawrence RD and wanted to know how good their aid package would be for an international, needing significant aid (family can cover only abt $10000 a year) 3.5 UW(school doesnt weigh), salutatorian, 1490 SAT 710 bioM and 800 Math II.

Have any RD people heard yet?

I was looking around for information on admissions on social media for my son who applied (not a peep). Has anyone had any recent communications with admissions? I believe the email said prospects would hear at the end of March. Fingers crossed it is earlier so people can make plans for admitted student days.

Their website says mid March. Last year notifications went out around the 18th (actually they were received in the mail around the 18th, so sent earlier than that).

Legacy applicants can find out their decision tomorrow. My friend’s mom who went to St. Lawrence got an email that she can call in from 2-5 on Wednesday to find out his results.

oh wow-any news?

I got in! My dad called yesterday and texted me after they told him.

Envelopes are being mailed out today per Twitter.

Good luck everyone!

Just got my acceptance in the mail!
I got a total of $41,000 of money from scholarships and awards
ACT: 30(superscored)
GPA: 4.1(weighted) 3.9 (unweighted)
lots of ECs, sports, and volunteering+great essay

$41k scholarships & awards
ACT: 31
GPA: 3.85/ 4.3 w

SAT: 1440
GPA: 4.14 waited
Sesquicentennial scholarship

For those of you who received the envelope, did your portal change at all? Still waiting on an envelope as we live in the southeast. I am hoping we will hear tomorrow.

@hjbmk - I’m In MA and received the envelope today. Have not logged into the portal. Also, the envelope didn’t show up on informed delivery so it was a complete surprise when it arrived.

Accepted! w/ the Sesquicentennial Scholarship, Presidential Something or other and award fro academic excellence ($100,000 honestly idek)
3.9 UW GPA
1490 SAT
6 APs
4 Year varsity athlete in two sports
Lots of ECs and Community Service

Other decisions I’ve received so far:
Accepted: Colgate, Hobart William Smith w/ Trustee Scholarship, Holy Cross w/ 12.5k Merit
Rejected: Williams
Waitlisted: Tulane