St. Louis accommodations for 4-day trip

Delmar Loop is OK, but if you want to see the coolest neighborhood in the region, go to DeMun/Highpoint on the other side of the park. The original Kaldi’s is there. Sasha’s does lunch and dinner. The creamery is amazing. It’s very European feeling, where as The Loop just feels like being in a midwest town. JMHO. YMMV. :wink:

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Thanks again!

Is the Loop similar in feel to State Street in Madison (if you’ve been there) or more like lower Broadway in Nashville?

Having never been to either, it looks like a hybrid, wide like nashville, but with businesses more like madison. The cool thing is that they are less than 10 minutes apart via Skinker. You should see them both and then spend more time in the area that speaks to you more. Have fun!

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Is Fox & Hound Tavern good?

Never been. Last time I was in St. L, lots of stuff was still impacted by COVID. It’s right there though and gets great reviews.

Sasha’s looks pretty interesting too.

On Delmar we like Mission Taco, Three Kings, and Salt and Smoke. Fitz’s is popular but I wouldn’t say the food is outstanding.


Not on Delmar, but people really like Olive & Oak.

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I recommend stopping by Blueberry Hill. You could stop by for a drink and to look at the eclectic decor if you don’t want to eat there.

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We like Sasha’s a lot. There are two locations. Both are good. I’ve heard good things about Salt & Smoke too. Don’t know how it compares to Bogart’s thought.

The Hogfather at Gioia’s (Hot Coppa, Hot Salami, and Bacon Toasted on Cheese Garlic Bread) is probably the best bite of food I’ve ever put in my mouth in St. L. :100:

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Back in the day, Fox and Hounds was part of the Cheshire Inn and Lodge. The complex underwent a renovation and it’s now part of the Cheshire Hotel. It’s an interesting place—British inn/pub atmosphere. It was fairly upscale. Don’t know if it’s still like that, but it is close to campus.


Thank you all for the additional tips!

Has anyone tried Seoul Taco by any chance? Looks like Korean/Tex-Mex fusion.

Not I, but it reminds me of Kogi in LA, one of the entities that started the food truck revolution. Try it and report back!

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The crappiest part is not having enough time to eat at all the great places. Hard decisions will have to be made. It’s her birthday present, so ultimately she will decide. Lol. But she is the type who routinely says, “I don’t care,” when i ask her where she wants to eat. Maybe that is one of the keys to our relationship – she lets me eat what I like. And watch sports on the weekend. hehe

In return, I give my eternal love and devotion. And occasionally do the laundry or load/empty the dishwasher. hehe

One thing that should (knock on wood) bring us back to St. L now and then for the next… year-ish… is the year pass we bought to Six Flags, which is good through 2022. So there should be a few long weekends to try additional vittle-purveyors.


So i’ll get home from work at about 3:30, assuming we don’t have anyone walking in after about 1:00 to buy a car – because it takes time to buy a car, especially if you 1) haven’t let anyone know, and 2) are trading a vehicle and 3) are financing. Walk-ins at a car dealership can be great surprises resulting in an unexpected sale, or miserable time-wasters. It is always best to call ahead: you can save at least half an hour at the dealership with a 5-minute phone conversation. Time is money, as the founder of UPenn once sagely stated.

Starting over: I (knock on wood) expect to leave the dealership and be home at about 3:30. If someone walks in at 2:45, I will politely kick them out – “We close at 3:00. See you Thursday.” We’re taking off at about 4:00 given time to say goodbye to Elroy and get things settled, then, and arriving at Imo’s around 8:00 for pizza.

Then we’re headed to the hotel for a late check-in. I missed out on a couple places and went with Holiday Inn Express in the central west end, close to Brasserie. Just off the east end of the park.

Sunday is her birthday and should include Great America, dinner at Brasserie or Sasha’s or Fox & Hounds at the Cheshire. Or Sasha’s DeMun, followed by a drink at F&H a minute away. Or Brasserie and F&H (10 mins apart, one end of the park to the other.)

Ugh. Well, we’ll just go with it. All three have their charms. I very much do want to see the brit pub charm of F&H, so i have a feeling we’ll make it there for… something… even if just for half an hour. She can kick my butt at chess – maybe that.

And then, regardless of where we ate and drank, we’ll hit up Ted Drewes. It’s her birthday, and she is getting ice cream or a close variant.

Monday we’re doing the Bud thing, then lunch at
Bogart’s, then the Arch. Then whatever. I pencilled in Seoul Taco for dinner but we’ll see. We might need to rest for Tuesday, because…

On Tuesday we’re stalking Wash U (which will be boring for her but exciting for me – she can give me an hour of fun, haha) . Then we’ll zip down to Gioia’s for to-go sammiches, and zip up to the park to devour them. Then the zoo, then the art gallery, then just walking around the park or even napping in the park. Then zipping back down to Zia’s for dinner.

Wednesday is checkout and homeward travel.

I may check in once or twice for reviews or whatnot. Thank you all so much.


Buy tickets NOW for The Arch. They are limiting capacity due to COVID. You’ll likely get shut out if you just show up. Watch the movie too. It’s pretty amazing. Have fun! I’m jealous!

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You know the famous Wash U building, the one featured whenever Wash U is googled – is that on the northern or southern part of campus? I see there is a bit of a split, based on the map.

And – I will reserve the Arch (and Bud too) – thanks for the heads-up!

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I believe you’re talking about Brookings Hall. You can see it from Skinker and access it from Forsyth and there is parking there. It’s a small campus. You can walk the whole thing from the lot of of Forsyth.

There is a detached part of campus in DeMun. I think it’s the old seminary and an old HS (CBC, I think). No need to go there.

Off to bed. Have a great time!

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It’s on the east side of campus, fairly north.

Not to hijack but can anyone comment about the area around Saint Louis University? Is it safe? Is there much to do there? Lots to walk to? And the campus looks beautiful on-line, is it that nice in person?