St. Mark's Acceptance Rate

<p>So, I remember seeing a few posts regarding the acceptance rate of St. Mark's School. My guidance counselor just received an e-mail from them stating that out of 700 applicants only 97 were accepted, which means that SMS has a 13.8 (!!!!!!!) acceptance rate. :) Anyways, I just wanted to share that piece of information with you guys. :)</p>

<p>that dosnt seem right to me :s what is the yield?</p>

<p>is that 97 attending??? or actually accepted??</p>

<p>Yeah, on BS review it says that the acceptance rate was 35%. I know that BS review isn't always accurate and sometimes has old information, but I doubt that the acceptance rate dropped over 20%. St</a>. Mark's School - Southborough, Massachusetts/MA - Boarding School Profile</p>

<p>I know the year before my son was accepted, it was at 20% and around the same his year...The 35% was a deviation as I understand it, perhaps due to the economy...I heard it was a very tough year to get in this year. I know 10 kids that applied and only one was accepted, 2 waitlisted.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that's wrong hahaha umm pretty much everyone I know applied to St. Mark's and all but one (who was waitlisted) got in. That's enough to account for like 75 people accepted already. I think that number might be yield... the number of people who accept St. Mark's acceptance and decide to enroll the next year.</p>

<p>i think the 97 is the students who got accepted and enrolled into the school. there was probably around 150-250 students who go accepted</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing anyways! We'll see.</p>

<p>Have other schools' stats become available?</p>

<p>andover has a full page of there stats on there website it was up a couple months ago, sorry i cant find a link but its on there site somewhere!</p>

<p>Pshaww JB, Groton had much more applicants than your crappy lion school :P</p>

<p>Well, I received those stats secondhand from my school guidance counselor, so she could have meant 97 enrolled...I'll have to check. If so, then sorry for any confusion this might have caused :) And if not, wow, I still think 13.8% is a pretty wicked number :D But, I'm pretty sure it might have been with yield/students enrolled.</p>

<p>nergeekdork, you better watch your mouth....I hear lions enjoy zebra meat :D</p>

<p>I do not know about JBs numbers Alelu but I DO know 10 families that applied and only one got accepted - one who was waitlisted was accepted to younger son's best friend... so please do not say I am wrong. I am speaking from my own personal experience not from heresay. Just because you know people who were accepted does not make all other comments invalid.
JB; The rivalry between St Marks and Groton is absolutely fun! With my eldest there and our friend's son at Groton, it is going to make an even livelier time. I hope you have a great year!</p>

<p>Nahh.... My zebras shoot gamma rays out of their eyes. And they have built-in bazookas. Say bye-bye to your lions!</p>