ST. Mark's School

<p>Does anyone have any info on this school?
What is the school mascot?
Are there co-ed bathrooms?</p>

<p>I think that the school recently got indoor plumbing. Haven't heard if it's co-ed. Could you chance me for getting in? Also, do you think it's past half way up the second tier, closing in on first tier, or would you consider closer to the middle of the second tier.
I don't know what their mascot is, but it's probably better than Deerfield's. What's up with Deerfield? Why no mascot?</p>

<p>Ummm, you got a problem with "BIG GREEN"? They have a guy who runs around dressed all in green. Pretty cool.</p>

<p>Well, duh, obviously their mascot is Saint Mark!</p>

<p>Their mascot is lion. Their rank is between 12th and 24th depending on what
ranking you are looking at. What is the definition of tier1 and tier2. There are
over 300 BS. I guess SPS, andover, exter, groton deerfield, hotchkiss, and choate are top schools. Are they called tier1? How many schools belong to tier1? just 7~10?. Then what about other 300 BS? how many tiers do you have ?
tier1, tier2, and tier3, tier4, ....? or just tier1, tier2, and tier3?
Then, obviously SMS is tier1. If those about 8 schools are tier1, maybe not!</p>

<p>Please, this is a serious thread!</p>

<p>I was just joking about ranking tier 1 vs. tier 2. I don't believe in ranking. Fun is Fun started off this thread "for fun" obviously and I was playing along. Check out the forum index -- there are at least 3 St. Mark's threads going.</p>