St. Mike's Pre-Med

<p>I recently got into Saint Michael's College, Wednesday the 18th. My perspective goal will be medical school at the end of my undergrad, with a possible military scholarship. I would like to know how well Saint Mike's prepares students for the MCATs and other medical school prerequisite. I know there is a 75% acceptance rate to med school at the college but most of these statistic tend to be unreliable or inconclusive. What should I expect from Saint Mikes if I choose to go there and what are research opportunities like there?</p>

Hello DStanizzi–

First congrats on your acceptance to Saint Michael’s College. As you can see by our high acceptance rate, our students are quite prepared for success when they begin to apply to medical school. There is a specific adviser who works with students on the pre-med track.

But I would honestly encourage you to reach out to the faculty in our Biology Department ( In a smaller environment like St. Mike’s, you’ll have unique opportunities for research, internships, studying abroad etc without competing with a larger pool of students.

Hopefully you’ll be able to attend one of our accepted student events on campus as that will also give you a chance to connect with our faculty.

Best of luck through this decision process and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


Jeremy Brown
Associate Director of Admission