St. Olaf accepting applications for 2020

We got an email from St. Olaf that they are once again (or still?) accepting applications for this fall. I just thought I would pass that information along in case someone who may be interested in applying but missed the deadline, didn’t get the email.

My 2020 student chose a different college but I was impressed when we visited.

I wonder why St Olaf reopened their applications? Do they regularly do this?

@Jamesoberly My guess is that they (like most colleges right now) are worried about yield due to covid-19, and realize students’ plans are changing. I’m not sure if it’s something they have done in the past.

I got waitlisted by olaf. They didn’t reply me to get on it. This is weird

^ I think that’s because you’re international.they may want to shore up domestic numbers since there won’t be visa issues.

St. Olaf is a great school. My mom worked there for many years as the buyer in the bookstore, so all my kids have been running around in St. Olaf gear since they were little. :smile: Couldn’t convince DS to go to a small LAC though.

I’m sure it’s the yield question due to COVID-19. As far as I can recall (past 5 years +), St Olaf has always filled the first-year class before May 1, with a wait list.