Stacking aid at UNM?

Hello all (especially @WayOutWestMom, whose name keeps coming up in my CC research on this school!)

UNM has just this week flown onto our radar for our D19. We’re in PA and extremely cost-aware - it’s the most important factor for us.

D is likely to qualify easily for the Amigo scholarship. I doubt she’ll rise to the level of the Regents but hey, she might.

She is also likely to get a scholarship through my work, of around $5k.

If so, would that scholarship stack with the Amigo? Or would it reduce the amount of the Amigo?

Also, any information about env. sci/ env. studies at UNM, and also theater tech, would be wonderful. Programs, professors, outcomes, opportunities for outside work, internships, affiliations, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much


I lived in ABQ for over 30 years. One of my daughters graduated from UNM with a math & physics degree; both my daughters went to UNM’s med school. Most of my daughters’ high school classmates went to UNM for college. (NM used to give every high school grad w/ 3.0 GPA 8 semesters of basically free tuition at a state U. Now grads get 70% of their tuition paid for 7 semesters and a retroactive tuition rebate for the 8th semester if they graduate in 4 years. Too good a deal for most people to pass up.)

RE: stacking w/ the Regents-- probably not going to happen, but there likely won’t be any issues with stacking the outside scholarship on top of the Amigo. (The Amigo is more of an automatic OOS tuition reduction for high achieving students instead of an actual dollars-in-the-student-account scholarship.) You should check with your child’s admission’s counselor to be sure. UNM’s [Admission Counselors](Connect :: Office of Admissions | The University of New Mexico)

Environmental studies are strong. The whole [UNM Biology Department](UNM Biology Faculty Research Areas) is very much enviro- evolution-ecology-conservation bio focused.

I don’t know anything about the theater tech program, but information about it is here–[Design & Technology for Performance](

Albuquerque & NM has HUGE TV & film industry presence. Check the [New Mexico Film Office]( for what’s currently shooting in NM. Plentiful opportunities for UNM students to intern in network, cable and independent TV & film productions. (D1 occasionally worked as a TV & film extra before she started med school.)

UNM has a multi-million $$ digital media arts facility that includes a motion-capture production studio. UNM offers an unique interdisciplinary digital media degree program where students can specialize in the technical, artistic or business side of the film industry. [Interdsciplinary Film & Digital Media](

[Popejoy Hall/url is a major venue for traveling Broadway and other national productions. Students can also intern at the internationally famous [url=<a href=“”>]Santa Fe Opera](

Post-grad employment in the film industry (both NM and Hollywood) is very strong.

If you have specific questions, shoot me PM and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks so much - will be back to you after consulting D at brunch tomorrow

Thanks. Helpful to me as well. Visiting in March.

Re: stacking - I’ve been told that outside scholarships will stack up to the stated COA as long as the outside scholarship is not earmarked for tuition & fees only.

For Regents and NMFs, this leaves a max of around $2900 in outside scholarships.

I’m not sure if the school adjusts the COA cap if the student lives off campus, takes more than 18 hours or attends summer session. I’ll be checking on that soon, and I’ll report back.

Re: theatre & theatre tech - My S is interested in theatre and we toured the facilities. Great people, excellent opportunities. I have a visit report a few threads down that probably says more. Because there’s no graduate theatre program at UNM, opportunities normally reserved for grad students go to undergrads instead.

Wonderful to know; thanks so much, @DiotimaDM!

Here’s the comment where I talk about the theatre dept. :slight_smile:

@GertrudeMcFuzz Check this thread for film comments.

Thanks @DiotimaDM , but my D is not actually interested in film. But theater, yes!

DUR!! I think I have your D confused with another poster’s (Crazy4info’s, I think). Sorry about that.

@DiotimaDM – To qualify for National Scholars scholarship does one need to name UNM first choice college wiht NMSC? UNM website did not say so.

Also does Regents require a separate application? (If so I suppose the deadline has passed …)


@SN2010 Yes, the deadline to apply for Regents has already passed, but the NMF scholarship is automatic as long as your son lists UNM as his first choice with NMSC before the deadline. I answered at greater length in the other thread.

@DiotimaDM Thanks. I’ve moved to the other thread.