stafford loan advice

<p>im offered 4500 subsidized and 6000 unsubsidized plus 5250 pell grant. the pell will take care of most of my tuition. ill have to buy books and equipment plus im moving into an apartment this fall so ill need it.
i really dont want to take the total 10500. i want to stay out of unsubsidized. last year i took 9500. so if i take the total i will have 20k in debt. i will be sophomore this year. i think my goal is to keep it at 30k or lower when i graduate. do you think that is a good goal?
i can take only the 4500 subsidized and that would put me only at 16k. i know these loans are hard to pay off. any opinions?</p>

<p>Take out the minimum loan you need. If you don't NEED the unsubsidized loan, don't take it. That would be my opinion.</p>

<p>The average student loan is around $24K. Keep in mind the interest that piles up. This was kinda my plan until I started thinking about that. Now I'm going to try my best to keep it under at least $20K. In a dream world I'll have a job the next few years, and even having just a part-time job in school can take a little bit off your debt.</p>

<p>Please keep in mind that you do not have to accept the full amount of the sub loan that is offered to you. Just borrow what you need. If you find you need more later in the year, you can request that it be reinstated. My personal opinion is that it is best to borrow as little as possible.</p>