Stafford Loan ... No co-signer??

<p>Hi, I am planning to attend/transfer to a UC school starting winter quarter. My parents are not going to be able to assist me with paying for college. I should be able to qualify for some financial aid because by EFC is 7,143 and the tuition at a UC is about 20,000 a year. I also have about 9,000 saved. Then I will take out a student loan for the remainder. My parents have horrible credit, so they will not be able to cosign. I am SLOWLY gaining credit ... Citi Card, Gap Card .. haha, but that is about it. But I do not have bad credit, my problem would be not having any credit. Will I have any problems getting a stafford loan ... or any other type for school? Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>loans through the government (i.e. stafford loans and perkins loans) do not require credit approval...But private loans through a bank do...good luck!</p>