Stamps at University of South Carolina

Hi everyone! I recently received the South Carolina Stamps Scholars award.
I am interested in Computer Science and was also accepted at

ASU Barrett ( with full tuition)
UTD full tuition
Alabama full tuition plus
Rose Hulman Noblitt Scholar
Ohio State and
waitlisted at Northwestern,WashU,Rice

Computer Science is all about Internships and Coop opportunities and South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing is not recognized well. I would like to know accepting Stamps at U of SC is really a good choice?

Did you have a finalist interview with the Foundation? If so, what was the time between your interview and notification. Know someone who is finalist at other school.

Yes, I had my interview with the stamps foundation last week. Yesterday, I received confirmation from South Carolina.



@Liveluv Accepting Stamps at U of SC is certainly not a bad choice. Finding internships in CS should not be an issue regardless of which college you attend.

That said, what are your financial constraints and what state are you from? Could you easily afford a “better” ranked program?

My parents are not ready to spend more than 35k/ yearly for Undergraduate degree. Colleges which i am currently accepted doesn’t cost more than 25k.
Northwestern is my dream college and I got waitlisted, and also financially it will be a stretch for my parents.

@Liveluv I suggest that you write down what each school would cost you, as well as the corresponding US News undergraduate Computer Science program ranking in order to figure out which ones offer the best value.

Stamps is an amazing program. It is a prestigious scholarship that will help you stand out if you go there and excel. My D is a Stamps Scholar at another university and has had the same internship/job opportunities as she would have had at a HYP and has had exclusive experiences that helped her stand out when she applied for and competed with students from top ranked schools.

I don’t think any of your other options are comparable if you take advantage of the opportunities the Stamps scholarship affords. Work the NW waitlist though.

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@Liveluv, congrats! Those are all really good schools. Northwestern is great, but not worth it financially.

I would check this article out for CS:

I’m a bit jaded as my daughter is in Barrett with the same deal. Go to:

  1. wherever you get the best deal
  2. the campus you can see yourself spending 4 years of your life
  3. a place that CS grads get good jobs, although that’s all of these schools probably
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Thank u all!

Waitlisted at WashU, Northwestern, Vandy, Rice

Thanks for your great advice. I received an invitation for the final interview foundation. Can you share what questions I can expect?

Congratulations on your Stamps award! I also got an offer for the final interview with the foundation. Would you please share how your interview with the foundation was?