Stamps Scholarship Experience

Hi everyone! I was just invited to interview for the Stamps Scholarship at Mizzou and was wondering if anyone had any experiences with the application/interview process or with the Mizzou Stamps program in general. Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi! I’ve been invited to interview this year as well but I’ve had a lot of trouble finding interview resources. I haven’t done my interview yet, but there’s a lot of information on the stamps blog about the current scholars and what they’re doing. It’s helped me a little at least when it comes to figuring out what they’re looking for, but not much. I’m OOS too so I only know a couple people who have even attended Mizzou, much less anyone who has gotten the scholarship.

@Jac716 Thanks for the info! I completed the interview a few days ago, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It seems like there isn’t much about the process of getting the scholarship online, but insight on current stamps scholars could be helpful.

@knk029 @Jac716 Hey guys! I also was invited to interview and I can’t find any resources either. Just gonna practice regular interviewing skills I guess. Just out of curiosity where are you guys from and what are you into?

@mathdaddy36 I would recommend to do the practice interview on the Sonru app a few times before the actual interview. It helped me get used to the interview format and made me feel a bit more comfortable, although I thought that the whole recording process was a bit awkward.
I’m from Illinois and a Political Science major interested in Pre-Law. I will also be a part of the Kinder Institute for Constitutional Democracy if I attend Mizzou.

Hi! Sorry I’m a little late on this. I’m from Texas and I’m double majoring in strat comm journalism and marketing. I’ve already accepted my admission and everything, I’m doing Walter Williams as well.

I competed the online interview for the Stamps Scholarship. They said the results should have been in by today. Has anyone been invited to the next step of the process?

@gamerdood08 I didn’t get anything yet. The last email came out around 4:45ish, so I’m guessing it will be the same time today hopefully.

@knk029 The School was closed today due to winter weather, so I’m wondering if that will affect the release?

@gamerdood08 @knk029 @mathdaddy36 I got my invitation to interview on-campus on Tuesday. It was just an email and then a packet came a couple days later.