Stamps Scholarship

Can anyone attest to the process behind interviewing and receiving a Stamps Scholarship?

From what I understand the resources and opportunities available are nearly impossible to turn down (if I can get through the interview process). Is there any reason I should think otherwise?

It’s a two step process - (1) be selected to interview with a sponsoring school and following the interview selected for interview with the Stamps Foundation, and (2) Stamps Foundation interview. The second seems like a formality though, as I’ve never heard of a case of the Stamps Foundation rejecting a student nominated by a sponsoring college. The Stamps Foundation interview seems more like a getting to know our scholars thing, and is very informal.

The Stamps scholarships differ across sponsoring schools and the first step different for each. At the most generous sponsoring schools, it’s an amazing opportunity. Good luck!

I’ve already received the request to interview. Do you think the interview is still a formality even at a larger state university?

Only the interview with the Stamps Foundation is a formality. At the school level, you are competing for the nomination to the Stamps Foundation.

My daughter is a freshman Stamps Scholar at a large public university. She turned down one of the top 3 schools in the country for the Stamps Scholarship. The interview was definitely awkward/stressful. 5 high ranking deans/administrators on a Skype/Facetime call with you firing questions at you for 30 minutes. Afterwards they told her that they had 25 interviewees and made 17 offers … I think. Its an amazing opportunity. The decision to accept it is completely up to you. You will be amazed at the opinions that will get thrown at you. For my daughter, I basically agreed to give her college fund to her so if she decides to get and MBA or Law Degree (all or most of that will be paid for). Financially its a serious windfall for her. She gets between $3-4,000 a semester for spending money. Alot of her Stamps Scholar friends took inter-session classes in Europe or Asia over Xmas break. Her study abroad is covered. I hope you get it … its an amazing opportunity.

Hi! I recently interviewed for the Stamps Scholarship at Ole Miss and just found out that they are forwarding my name onto Stamps. The Skype call was intimidating and awkward, but also pretty fun. I’m visiting campus later this month with the other Stamps finalists. @HoustonKen, I’d really love to learn more about your daughter’s experience as I’m also weighing against some other top schools with no cost. Ole Miss has a great International Studies program, Chinese flagship and honors college and I love the thought of getting a rigorous education while enjoying a typical college experience, but I’m also from out of state and don’t want to overestimate the experience there.

@20Undecided20 Sending you a PM.

Do you happen to know what types of questions the Stamps Foundation interviewers ask?

Just sent you a PM

Hi everyone! I just found out I was nominated by U of A Honors to apply for the Stamps scholarship. I know that I already made it through the first stage because I was invited to apply for the scholarship. Does anyone know about how many people schools usually select for the next stage and if every single school carries out interviews with the Foundation? Thank you!

My daughter is a Stamps Scholar at Ole Miss. Every candidate that Ole Miss selects interviews with the foundation. Feel free to message me with any questions.

@HoustonKen Can you send me a PM about how your daughter received the Stamps Scholarship? I am interest in applying for the University of Miami one and I would be glad if you could help me with some information.

I’m not sure if I should use this thread or start a new one…

My D is a Stamps semifinalist at GTech. We are hoping for insight from others who have gone through the process.

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My D just got through the semifinal process and received word that she is a finalist.

What sort of questions are asked at the finalist stage?

I’m a finalist for the stamps scholarship. What kinds of questions are asked at the final interview?

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Another Stamps finalist checking in–I’d love to know what kind of questions are asked in the interview with the Foundation!

What school are you a finalist for?

I’m also a Stamps Finalist and I’m interviewing with the Foundation soon. I was hoping for some advice on what kind of questions are asked :slight_smile:


Purdue! What about you?

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CONGRATS! I am a finalist for Barry University!

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