Standardized testing

Hi, I am applying to Phillips Academy this year, and they just sent me an email about not making standardized testing a necessity in application this year. I got a terrible score last year, and I studied really hard over the summer, but since testing is only averrable online this year, I was wondering if I should take it. I’m pretty sure that the school would prefer me sending my scores in, but I just wanted to ask if I should, you know?
Thanks so much for your time,

If you studied for it, it might make sense to go ahead and take it. You would still have the option of sending or not sending, correct?

I assume this is the SSAT, with which I’m not familiar. But the general SAT/ACT advice would hold - if testing is optional, only submit scores if they are above the average for the school’s admitted students. (Assuming this data is available).

So, I would assume the average for the school I’m applying to has a average of 90, so I guess I’ll turn it in if it’s over 90, but I was wondering if there are ways that I can show I’m smart even without the tests? Like I’m in 8th grade right now, but I’m taking Honers Algebra 2, I was in the math counts team for 2 years, (not averrable this year). I was in the science bowl and debate team in my school for 2 years, and for mathcouts, I went to state. I also took the AMC 8, and got accepted into taking the test for AMC 10, and got a decent score(in the 7th grade). Should I mention these? is there anything else I could do without the testing?