Stanford 2014 SCEAers

<p>Well, I guess its that time of year already. I just sent my SCEA app in and figured I'd find the Stanford SCEA thread; I didn't. So, I figured I'd just make a thread where all SCEA applicants can share hopes/dreams/concerns/anything else and anyone else applying early can ask any relevant questions or concerns. Best of luck everyone!</p>

<p>STANFORD CLASS OF 2014!!!!!!!!</p>


<p>I’ve been wondering where this was. :P</p>

<p>Also applying REA, haven’t turned in my app yet. Actually, I haven’t even finished all of my essays. Not panicking yet, though.</p>


<p>I'm applying SCEA, and I was reeaaallly late in getting my essays done. Just got em ready... around yesterday. Yesterday as in 15 minutes ago before it was midnight.</p>

i have a lot left, a lot of tweaking to do.
im waiting for my SAT scores, due tomorrow.
we'll see.......</p>

<p>Submitted everything last week, the only thing I'm waitng on is my SAT score, but I'll have those tommorrow.</p>

<p>hey guys may I know how will you be submitting the scores? Through rush mail isit?</p>

<p>REA here too!
just tweaking :)</p>

<p>AAH, I submitted my app with an arts supplement, but now every time I look at my essays, I try to find everything bad about them just to assure myself I'll never get in :(</p>

<p>Best of luck to everyone</p>

<p>let us hope and eat gummy bears.</p>

<p>haha Rolandic, I feel the same way you do. Once I hit submit, my opinion of my chances just plumetted. this'll be an interesting month and a half.</p>

<p>Hmmm . . . I'd rather wait for six weeks than three months, hands down. That's one of the reasons I'm applying SCEA. Go Stanford!</p>

<p>Count me in. Good luck to you all! <em>secretly rigs applicant computers with explosives</em></p>

<p>whoa !!! l337toast isn't that a bit much??? lol</p>

<p>What? I never made any excessive.....statements...0_o</p>

<p>Gonna submit mine tomorrow, as soon as I finalize my 2nd Semester schedule. Good luck all!</p>

<p>Oh Lordie. These six weeks will be quite interesting...</p>

<p>I sent in everything I needed to, but one of my teachers I asked to do a recommendation still hasn't started it, but I don't think the deadline for that is as definite as for the application (or at least I hope haha)</p>

<p>Hey all!!</p>

<p>I'm SECA as well...</p>

<p>I get to play the role of "fodder," yay for making Stanford look really really hard to get into!!!</p>

<p>Hi Everyone!! So I just submitted everything. It feels so good knowing it's out of my hands now....</p>

<p>Good luck to all!</p>


<p>happy halloween</p>