stanford and music?

<p>what does stanford require or expect out of those who apply to stanford to minor in music?</p>

<p>not much, just a good appreciation</p>

<p>what is a "good appreciation"? (not literally lol)</p>

<p>and am i required, or expected, to know how to play a musical instrument?</p>

<p>lol wait st. aegis how would you know!</p>

<p>dude, I know the music professors, that is how I know....
Well they do expect you to have some minimum experience. I guess if you can promise to learn an instrument asap, it could work out, but like when you go to professors for private lessons (I believed covered in tuition), they kind of dont want to work to teach medicore material, you know what I am getting at?</p>

<p>what if i am a singer? is an instrument kinda "required" to apply as a music minor?</p>

<p>nope I dont believe so....
prove me wrong</p>