Stanford Arts Supplement Resume

Stanford requires students to submit an art resume, stating:
Attach a resume below that summarizes your experience in the medium in which you are submitting an Optional Arts Portfolio. Please include the number of years you studied this medium, name(s) of teacher(s) or group(s), repertoire, and awards/honors received.

Can I include awards/honors from before high school? I know for activities lists and stuff, the general advice is to stick to high school. Does that apply here too?

Edit: Also, what does repertoire mean?

They don’t specify, so I think you’d be able to but try to limit to more extraordinary awards. For me personally, I only put state/national/international awards that I achieved before high school.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t really have that many awards, and the only ones I have are before high school. So should I just include them anyways?

Also, do you know what repertoire means?

Np. Sure, you can include the awards. They never said it’s not allowed. Repertoire is the pieces of music that you have studied in your high school career. You’re a musician right?

Nope, I’m a visual artist. That’s why I was so confused.

here’s the link for visual arts:

lol i thought u were talking about music that whole time

I already made an account to start submitting an arts portfolio, and it has the word repertoire. Idk what that means in regards to visual art, do you have an idea?

It can refer to the breadth of your skills. In fine arts that might mean the breadth of mediums you are proficient in and also subject areas–portraiture, figure drawing, still life–etc.

Portfolio was due yesterday, but thank you!

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