Stanford Arts Supplement

<p>I had a question about the deadlines for the Arts Supplement. I know that the deadline is October 15 for the REA, but I was planning to take my SAT IIs on October 9th. Will Stanford accept my SAT II scores, or do I have to wait and apply RD? :&lt;/p>

<p>I know I asked this somewhere else, but I think it was the wrong place to ask....
anyways, thanks.</p>

<p>that will be ok-you can still apply REA
the extra time is really just to send the arts materials to the respective department for an opinion</p>

<p>will you be ordering a score report with your registration or are you going to wait to see your scores? if the latter, just make sure you send them the day they come out and stanford will get them that same day (or the next business day).</p>