Stanford/Berkeley Joint Stem Cell Research Institute

Two leaders in biomedical research - the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University School of Medicine - will join forces in a new stem cell initiative that will catalyze research and serve as a magnet for scholars from around the world. The Siebel Stem Cell Institute, established by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, is a joint initiative between the Berkeley Stem Cell Center and the Stanford Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Institute, two of the world's leading institutions at the forefront of biomedical science.</p>

<p>The new consortium will bring together the top physician-scientists, biologists, chemists, engineers and computer scientists to study stem cells - master cells from which all specialized cells and tissues are derived. The goal is to target the root causes of today's most devastating diseases and translate discoveries into new therapies.</p>

<p>The joint institute is funded by a $9 million gift from the Siebel Foundation, which will leverage the vast expertise of UC Berkeley and Stanford to advance stem cell research to new, critical stages.


<p>03.12.2008</a> - UC Berkeley and Stanford University launch joint stem cell research initiative</p>

<p>I was so excited when I heard this news! Yay for tissue and stem cell engineering!</p>

<p>It's good to know that universities can get around all budget cuts and conservative opposition to stem cell research thanks to private donations.</p>

<p>^ California also passed tax payer funding to support stem cell research as well. This is why CA and the Bay Area have a leg up in this area.</p>

<p>I was excited when I saw this, too. Don't MIT and Harvard have a joint institute too?</p>