Stanford chance me

Kentucky high schooler, skipped my sophomore year, 35 ACT, 35 math, 35 English, 34 Reading, 35 Science. National merit semifinalist, been abroad for cultural exchange in Germany and scientific research and volunteering in Costa Rica, 5 on AP calc BC, 5 on AP chemistry, 4 on AP Bio, 4 on AP human geography, 800 math 2 SAT subject, 770 Chem SAT subject

Senior fall schedule, all at my local university: Calculus based physics 1 and lab, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis 1(graduate course), Biology.

Planned Senior spring schedule: Calculus based physics 2 and lab, Partial Differential equations(graduate course), Numerical Analysis 2(graduate course), Web programming.

Junior fall schedule, also at university: Geology, multivariable calculus, Honors CS 1, Chem 2 and lab

Junior spring schedule, at university: Organic Chemistry, CS 2(honors wasn’t available), Mathematica, Discrete math, English

Summer schedule, university: Quantitative Analysis, linear algebra, Argumentative writing

Fluent in Java, Python, and Mathematica.

Taking German online

Have published research in Nucleotide database of NCBI

4.0 GPA, university’s President’s list

Part of school’s anime and CS clubs, as well as CS tutoring.

Was part of school’s swim team for 2 years

1st place state science Beta club, 2nd place state Microbiology Kentucky academy of science annual meeting for my research

2 Letters of recommendation from university professors

Volunteered at humane society and library, close to 100 hrs in 2 years.

Thanks in advance.

You are clearly a very competitive applicant. So are 80% of the other applicants to Stanford.

I think that it is worth an application, but it is clearly a reach or a high reach. My suggestion is that you apply, but then focus your effort on making sure that you are happy with your safety schools, and then looking for match schools.