Stanford Class of 2025 Financial Aid

For those who were accepted with me to Stanford’s REA round of decisions, what financial aid offers have you been receiving? For some reason my selective service registration didn’t go through so I’m still waiting on my aid offer, but given my family’s AGI is under 75K we’re hoping yearly expected contribution is less than like 8K. How accurate does this seem?

Did you run the Stanford Net Price Calculator? Are your parents self employed? Do they own a business? Do they own real estate other than your primary residence? Are they divorced? Are you an international student? If no to all of these…the NPC should give you a decent estimate of Stanford aid.

Congratulations on your acceptance.

@halfcaf12. Stanford is very generous with financial aid, however, the school looks at both AGI and before taxes wages in determining your financial aid. My daughter (2024) had an issue with financial aid and we had a zoom conference with a financial aid officer and that’s what we were told. Stanford do that because some people will try to scam the system by putting a lot of $ into retirement, pension, investment, etc to have a low AGI. Regardless, Congrats!

Thankfully the answer to all is a solid no, so would the most likely Stanford Aid lean towards the ‘High’ expected contribution estimate or their ‘Best’? Not quite sure why they provide a Low that’s better than Best, oh well.

Stanford announced that if a family’s income is less than $65000 (and no significant assets), then the student will attend the school for free and for a family with less than $15000, the student’s tuition will be waived.

Re: trying to lower AGI, Stanford requires CSS profile and you have to provide the retirement contribution amount and 401K/IRA amount in the account. So they don’t just look at the income.