Stanford Class of 2025 Regular Decision


When did they send out this interview email for you? I haven’t gotten anything :frowning: I hope ther are still sending more out.

Haven’t received an interview invitation yet; have any of you guys?

Also, I applied test-optional because my registrations kept getting canceled… I received the National Hispanic Scholar thing for the PSAT. Will that compensate for it? Have I hurt my chances a lot by not submitting an SAT score?

Update- received an interview invitation today!

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Congratsss!! :smile:

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Thank you!!

Geographic region?

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Finally got my interview request. I’m in MA!

NY, but I don’t know if they’re even doing it by region this year.

Yes. Canadian students are considered international at universities in the US. The exchange rate is also not in your favour right now.



I’m in NY too! I had my interview today - it was 90 minutes long which was really cool considering that it was honestly my best one so far. Feel free to ask me any questions about it or on my experience if your interview is soon.

So I just read that you had your Stanford interview, I’m having mine in a couple of days. How was it? Was it just the usual questions?

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Any invites to California applicants yet?

Yeah - like I said, it was much longer than my other interviews (At an hour and 30-40 minutes, though my others went over by 5-20 minutes, this was definitely a larger leap). The questions were generalized per some but others were focused towards my interests and the work that I’ve been doing (ie. What does community mean to me and what was my greatest accomplishment). Per advice I would definitely say to be yourself. I loved this interview because I felt really comfortable in discussing all of my interests - I could honestly talk for hours about them - and felt comfortable asking questions. I feel like something that isn’t really said as often but I’ve found is really helpful is for you to try to match the energies within the room. If you are given questions like “what are the moral ramifications of AI” (I had another interview and this was the last question after a long discussion in modern ethics) assume the part of you that is more professional and self aware. If your interviewer is casual/enthusiastic, give them the same enthusiasm back. People are multifaceted; being able to assume different roles (within your greater personality) and gauge the room is impactful because the interviewer was once a student at the college. If you were admitted, they want to know if you can fit into the community (and later the alumni base) with others like them.

wow - a 90-minute interview is amazing! You got an over-achiever alumnus!!!

Has anyone else not gotten an interview yet? I’m feeling left out :frowning:


I thought California applicants didn’t get interviews (?)

They are.