Stanford Class of 2025 Regular Decision

I didn’t saw any thread for the given topic, so I thought to make one.

SO, YES … WELCOME TO THE THREAD FOR STANFORD ADMISSIONS - CLASS OF 2025 !!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Well, it’s good to be here early. Decided to take a shotgun approach to the top schools, but I’ve got an acceptance to my state school lined up if things go sideways.


that’s great.
I am an international applicant and have secured a safety school in my country, and now applying to target and reach schools in the US.
Stanford has always been my dream school, and I hope to get in there.

Have any RD applicants gotten an interview yet?

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I haven’t submitted yet, I’ll submit by night today.

Kinda nervous, submitted my app yesterday. Good luck to all the applicants!

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same bruh, I also submitted yesterday

Did you guys receive an email confirming Stanford received your application?

not until now …

Well, I haven’t gotten anything yet, I’ll just email them and ask if they received my app

I am living in Canada and applied for RD. Will they consider me an international student?

I received an email yesterday afternoon, and I submitted pretty late on January 2.

I got my email around 2 hours ago, if you submitted through the Common App I think it’ll say “downloaded by college” when they receive it

Has anyone received an interview invitation?

not yet ! :smiley:

I haven’t.

I just received an interview invitation today!

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Same! When are your interviews? Mine is in two weeks.

Mine is next Tuesday (1/19).